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Company events


Conference kickoff

Using a flash mob, various energizers or simply a stunning stomp performance HeartBeat will lift your conference, meeting or congress to new heights.
Our Conference kickoffcan be used to break the ice and bring people together, to provide energy and space to think outside the box.


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The program can contain one or more of the following elements:


Flashmob - a surprising performance

This feature is most useful at a meeting where you do not know one another. HeartBeat blends in and sits at four chairs at the table. At some point during the meeting we suddenly get up one by one, and start building a samba performed on our bodies, while amongst the surprised participants. This little flash mob is an unexpected and refreshing element, that provides variety, and shatters preconceptions and expectations of the day.


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Energizers liven up your meeting

Using simple rhythmic games and short musical sequences we include all the participants. This jumpstarts the creative energies of the team, and strengthens the group dynamics. The games often call for light physical activity, which can generate excitement and improve concentration later on. This playful component is uplifting and an obvious choice when wanting to bring people together.

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Stomp performance – allow music to blow you away

When you watch creativeness unfold, the mind and the mood is stimulated and invigorated. A performance from HeartBeat is an explosion of grooving, singing and acting. The stomp music is performed on anything and everything apart from conventional instruments. Each song has its individual story to tell, our lighthearted funny approach creates a space for laughter, joy and delight.




"Heartbeat really got the audience activated and kick started the day. It was an intense and inspiring performance where the talented musicians of the group drew the entire room into the fun world of rhythms. Furthermore it was fantastic that HeartBeat were flexible and very interested in contributing the best way possible, to the event as a whole”.

Hasse Winther, cultural adviser, Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality


We can customize the show according to your wishes. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you.


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Alle veje fører mod fremtiden

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