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HeartBeat Show

We take the stage, singing and playing energetically. Lean back and enjoy an unforgettable STOMP Performance.



A Heartbeat show is an explosion of rhythms, singing and acting. The music is created, playing on everything but regular instruments, thus staying true to the ”stomp-style”. Things like chips cans, canisters and barrels are used in a brand new way, combined with energetic choreography, a performance that surprises and excites is created.




Each song has its own story, the comical approach creates a good vibe and gives the audience an opportunity to laugh. Throughout the concert, we involve the audience by singing, clapping, and small rhythmic games.




”Four talented musicians bursting with life and energy – that is how we would describe HeartBeat. They performed at our business party, where they delivered a well-planned musical show that made all 300 guests stomp, clap, stand up, all in time with the rhythms. Their energy, humor and love for the music were all over the room. In spite of a wide age range and different origins they managed to unify and entertain the entire company”.

Kamille Smed Kristensen, HR Consultant Orifarm.


We can customize the show according to your wishes. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you.