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HeartBeat Show

A memorable stomp show sizzling and sparkling with enthusiasm and pure joy..



A HeartBeat show is an explosion of stomp rhythms, singing and acting. Rhythms from all over the world and a razor sharp sense of timing are the foundation of stories from everyday life. Using big emotions, dynamic gestures and lots of humour, small meaningful stories that everybody can relate to, come to life.
The concert reveals the many possibilities of the stomp universe. For instance: We have crisps being eaten in rhythm, jugs and canisters turns into percussion, while tunes are created using bottles and tubes. Phrases from various pop hits get mixed up and are used in comical complimations.
Traditional drumming styles such as Taiko and Burundi drumming are performed on barrels, garbage and containers.



Through singing, clapping and rhythmic games, the audience is invited to join in. Lively stomp and comedic acting with a twist gets through to everyone and makes our show usable at any kind of event.


MOrten gir den gas

”An extravagant, incredibly unique performance, executed by these four rhythmically gifted musicians was amazing due to their timing, intensity, and ingenuity.– You won’t get it any better than this!”

The Piano Factory Live, Hillerød.


We can customize the show according to your wishes. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you.



Morten gir den gas