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Pulse of the city

We join forces with the locals to make a flash mob, samba parade or a stomp show that will knock your socks off and let the pulse of the streets boom. 


liv i byen The original stomp culture can be traced back to urban environments; it is therefore an obvious choice for city events. Our intent with the concept  ”Pulse of the City” is to let children, youngsters and adults alike have an opportunity to experience the magic of playing music and creating something amazing together.

For instance, both the flash mob and the samba parade can be performed in cooperation with a local school or gymnastics association. This way the local citizens are able to participate in creating the event, which then becomes an attraction for both family and friends. Our concept gathers citizens in an unforgettable experience. This could take place at a cultural happening, a village fair, themed festivals or other events in the urban space

With three widely different stomp features HeartBeat will make the streets come alive and let the city sing.

sjov i gaden

Flashmob a surprising event.

Flash mobs are the new trend. Suddenly a usually quiet and relaxed cityscape turns into a huge stage where more and more people start taking part in front of a surprised and astonished audience.
On the chosen day, we will teach the participants various stomp rhythms and go through the more exact details of the flash mob. This could take place in a hall, gymnastics club or in a similar location. During the performance, we are playing along and giving directions. Watch a video from a HeartBeat flash mob here:


Samba parade a spectacular, exhilarating parade.

Make the festive atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro echo in the streets of your city. By using barrels, tubes and kitchen equipment, we all create a colourful samba parade, which is audible miles away. This event involves first a workshop where participants will get to know stomp rhythms and prepare for the parade. From there we take over the streets, drumming and singing. Everybody will be challenged at their own respective levels and experience the joy of grooving together.




Entertainmenta terrific show or an inventive feature in the pedestrian zone.

HeartBeat entertainment is an obvious choice for bringing life to urban areas. Either as a movable street theatre or as an actual show in city squares.



”Huge commendation and praise from Middelfart. You were so great; some have said that you were the best feature of the day! Hopefully we can make use of you some other time – it was excellent!:0)”

Kamilla Krogh Uttrup, cultural adviser, Middelfart municipality


We can customize the show according to your wishes. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you.



liv i byen
sjov i gaden