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Stomp Event

Buckle on a barrel, grab the drumsticks and let us beat some life into your business party. Try out rhythms on scrap and rubbish and get a delightful experience. An event to make your fists pump and bring out smiles and laughter.


Vi spiller

It may take forever to learn to play the violin, but everyone can play a broom! This event is a playground full of rhythms where participants get the chance to explore and experiment within the confines of the stomp genre.
We create a sense of a common pulse and continue by adding some amusing and surprising breaks. We construct interesting grooves with the body as drum kit, and spice up the enjoyment using, shouting, rapping, and rhythmic games, that get people smiling and laughing aloud.
The amazing sense of creating music and having fun together turns this event into an unforgettable experience for all participants.




“Thank you for a very inspiring event.
Nils was really good at getting all the participants engaged and we had a blast – nothing less.
Perfect feature in a perfect party.
We can warmly recommend Heartbeat.”

Trapholt Art Museum, Kolding


We can customize the show according to your wishes. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you.



Vi spiller Jubel