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Assemble your association or your students for an exciting workshop. The stomp genre provides an ideal framework in which to play and learn. Batter away on barrels, play with rhythms and use your body as an instrument.


Nils i fuldt svingA HeartBeat Workshop provides the opportunity to dive into the many fascinating aspects of stomp. Ordinary things such as newspapers, plastic bags and tubs can be used as instruments and your own body functions as the drum kit. We work to create a shared sense of time. Through rhythms, singing and physical movement the participants can improve their musical and rhythmic skills.



A HeartBeat Workshop can consist of any or all of the following components:

Rhytm orchestra:

Equipped with a ”stomp instrument” all of us will create a stomp song to remember, made up of wild breaks and aspects of exotic musical styles.



We will transform the body into a drum kit and put together fun grooves using clapping, clicking and foot stomps amongst other things.


Fun with rhytms:

Using a common pulse we will play around with different rhythmic patterns and movements. We will have a fun time and get into the groove together.


Singing, rhyming and rapping:

Even the toughest rhythms can be easily learned using rap or rhymes. By using the voice as well as clapping rhythmic patterns, the coordination is simultaneously challenged and strengthened.



Music theory:

Through a playful approach, we are conveying the theory behind the music. This gives you the chance to watch, hear and even feel the rhythms in the body. Musical theory has never been this easy or this much fun!


The magic of grooving together is what makes a HeartBeat Workshop an unforgettable experience for all involved. The workshop will be organized to match the participants’ rhythmic skills and wishes.

Call or send us an e-mail and together we will work out your wants and wishes.



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