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Listen, your smiles free you

Bring life, joy, and rhythm to your next event with HeartBeat Group.

Sometimes you experience something that you just can’t help getting carried away by. It takes over your spirits. It makes you happy. It takes over your body! You feel the pulse in the room!

That is what HeartBeat Group is all about.

Three professional and enthusiastic percussion experts plays live music on anything! Bringin an infusion of joy and life that you just can’t resist.

Experiencing HeartBeat Group will put a smile on your face and it will stay with you in your heart.

HeartBeat Group is a celebration of fun. Fun that wow’s you, fun that’s inventive, fun that brings us together. The mixture of performance, humour and compositions that are tailored to your event space and theme creates surprise and excitement. Your audience has never experienced anything quite like this before!

HeartBeat Group create experiences for adults and children alike and convey insight, learning, human values and unity all while being truly entertaining.

HeartBeat Group can be used when you want to bring positive energy to your concerts, workshops, teambuilding, shareholders’ meetings, anniversaries, morning assemblies, summer parties, marches, flash mobs, children’s events and more.

Give us a call and let’s talk about what we can do for your next event.
HeartBeat group grooving with trashcans and sticks.
Nils is playing on water
intense interaction between Morten and Nils playing body percussion. Søren is moody.
HeartBeat Group
HeartBeat Group on the stage playing on pot lids
Morten playing on the bottlefone
Playing on potato chips
Nils playing on water
HeartBeat Group on the stage playing on pot lids.
”Immensely brilliant and rather unique in its timing and intensity, in ingenuity and presence from the orchestra’s three rhythmically gifted musicians – it doesn’t get any better than this!”
”I would like to praise you for your commitment, presence, awareness, humour, professionalism and imagination.
You managed to deliver a show that was ours, and you performed it with such presence, that I think everybody felt that this was very specifically for them. Thank you for that
”HeartBeat Group really got everybody going and engaged the audience. It was an intense and inspiring performance where everyone in the hall was drawn into the catchy and funny world of rhythm by the group’s talented musicians. It was perfect that HeartBeat Group are flexible and very interested in contributing to the overall event in the best way”.